3 Tips For Hosting A Glamorous Graduation Party

2 June 2015
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You survived another year of school, and summer break is finally here. You could host yet another pool party or backyard barbecue to celebrate the occasion, but wouldn't it be fun to try something a bit different this year? A formal graduation party gives you an excuse to rock a gorgeous gown and intense eye makeup - and you might even get to see your crush in a suit and tie. Whether you're bidding farewell to middle school or junior high, the tips below will help you host a sophisticated gathering for your former classmates.

Encourage Elegant Attire

When you send out invitations for your event, encourage guests to dress to impress. Decide whether you want to event to be formal or semi-formal, and word your invites accordingly. Slacks, button-down shirts, and casual dresses are all appropriate for a semi-formal party, while a formal event requires suits, ties, or formal evening dresses for juniors. 

If you recently attended prom, you might be able to wear the same dress to your party. If not, consider browsing some high-low dresses for juniors or ordering a stunning evening gown from a site like http://www.teezeme.com/ in your size. 

Hire Helpers

Formal gatherings typically give guests a chance to relax and mingle, from start to finish. They don't have to worry about refilling their own cups or holding on to their coats, nor do they need to park their own vehicle. Consider hiring waitstaff to serve soda and hors d'oeuvres throughout the night, and have a well-dressed team of helpers safely park vehicles near your home.

If you're graduating from 8th or 9th grade, most of your friends probably won't arrive in their own vehicle. However, it might still be fun to offer valet parking for bikes, scooters, and skateboards.

You don't have to hire workers from an actual company for your party. Convince your siblings or parents to help out during the event, or talk to a neighbor about lending a hand. If you (or your parents) decide to pay the helpers, consider paying each worker at least $7.25 per hour because that's the federal minimum wage. Your workers will be independent contractors, not employees, so you have the freedom to choose a rate that won't deplete the cash you've saved up from your after-school job.

Serve Gourmet Goodies

Pics of the dishes and drinks that you serve at your event might end up on social networking sites, so you probably want to serve something that everyone will enjoy. You have two main options when it comes to food and beverages: you can serve familiar favorites with an upscale twist, or you can offer gourmet goodies similar to what adults would chow down on at a formal affair.

If your budget is pretty small or you don't think your friends will eat fancy hors d'oeuvres, you can try a few of these simple, affordable ideas:

  • Cut a grilled cheese sandwich in 4 pieces and place an elegant toothpick through each one
  • Place fruit chunks, such as strawberries and pineapple, on a skewer and drizzle with melted dark chocolate
  • Freeze pieces of fruit inside of ice cubes and place them in clear soda for a refreshing, sophisticated drink

Remember, some guests may have food allergies or an aversion to meat, dairy, or wheat. Try to have at least one appetizer that nearly anybody can enjoy, and create a sign for each appetizer tray so guests know exactly what they're eating.

Now that the school year is over, it's time to kick the summer off in style. If you want to host a glamorous graduation party and create some amazing memories with your friends, all you need is a fancy dress, an attentive waitstaff, and some tasty treats.