Clothing Essentials For Your Last Minute Vacation To Zakynthos

7 April 2017
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If you and your fiends have just planned a last minute trip to Zakynthos (maybe you've snagged some hot deals for the end of the season), then you might be a bit rushed about what to bring. You're probably excited about escaping for some sun and nice warm temperature after a long winter, so it's important that you have the right clothing. If you need to update your wardrobe a bit, then this trip is the perfect excuse. Here are some essentials to get for your trip.

A Sun Hat

Even if you're not fair skinned, you might want to bring along a sun hat. The island is very sunny, and while you might be able to get a sunhat when you get to the island, you might not have good choices. You will want this when you're walking around town during the day, and also if you're going to hang out at the beach for a long time. You might not be able to bring along a cabana, or umbrella, so the sun hat will be a great way to protect your face while you're laying out.

The classic straw sunhat is a great choice. It's lightweight and loose fitting, so it won't mess up your hair if you plan on going out to a club afterwards, plus it's airy so you won't get really hot while wearing it.

A Swimsuit

One of the reasons for going to Zakynthos is to hit the beach. The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece. So now is a great time to pick out a new swimsuit. You can get a one piece or swim dress style if you're more conservative, but you can also get a bikini. Zakynthos is very hip, and it's a vacation spot for lots of young people from all over Europe, so you can bring your Brazilian cut bikini or cheeky style and not feel like you will be out of place.


You don't want to walk around the island in sneakers or flats all of the time. While sneakers are cool for when you're in the city, or if you choose to go hiking, you should also bring along a pair of nice dress sandals. These are great for the beach and also when you go out at night. Sneakers are going to get a bit hot, and they are not good at all along the beach area.

A Bohemian Romper Dress

It's hot, and you don't want to end up with jeans because you'll roast. And you probably want more than a coverup and swimsuit during the day. You should get something cool, but also a bit stylish. Something like a bohemian romper is perfect. You can find lots of options in local shops and online from companies like Ooh La Luxe. Rompers are great for sightseeing, going out to eat at the different restaurants, and also perfect for going to the live music events at night. They are a bit more fancy than just a tank top and shorts combo, but they are just as cool for the hot weather.