Costume Ideas That Get The Whole Family In On The Fun

13 July 2017
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During the holiday season, get in on the fun and create a costume that the whole family is a part of! Families with small children or infants may want to pick a theme for their costumes to complement one another.Most of these ideas start with something as simple as a leotard, such as from Lea Marie, so stock up and make sure each family member has a simple black or white leotard for the foundation of the costume. 

Some ideas for a cohesive family costume are:

Fresh fruit. If you have small children or infants, consider a costume idea that will be easy to pull-off, like a box of tangerines or oranges. Find a crate or cover a cardboard box with the same motif that you would find on a box of fancy clementine oranges or citrus; dress your children all in orange, including orange beanies on their heads. Dress the adults in grocery jackets or full-aprons and put the box on a wagon to pull your children around trick-or-treating.

The deep blue sea. Dress your baby all in black and create a scuba tank out of an old potato chip canister and some white nylon rope attached to the child's pacifier. Have the adults or bigger kids dress up in maritime-themed ensembles, such as fish, mermaids, or fishermen.

Something sweet. Transform your younger children into tiny cupcakes with leotards or onesies, and cupcake-inspired caps that you can make. Consider adding a stem to a red beanie for the 'cherry on top'. Have the adults or other children don baking aprons and hats to create a bakery-themed costume for the whole family!

A bunch of blocks. Construct a family of building blocks by saving empty cardboard boxes and plastic cups all year long. Glue the cups to the box to replicate the divots on the side of plastic building blocks; spray paint the entire box with primary colored paint and cut a hole on the box bottom- which becomes the top- for your head. Have each person dress in the same shade of tights, leggings, and shirts before putting their block-box on.

Loveable mutts. Create an eclectic mix of shelter dogs and unite the family through canine costumes. Have each member wear solid-colored pants and tops, and accent with a tail and some facial makeup to mimic the look of a dog. Add ears and collars for a great bunch of loveable mutts!

Enjoy the holidays with these family-themed costume ideas. This is a great way to involve everyone in the festivities, while creating a cohesive family costume. Try these suggestions for some simple ways to outfit the entire family!