A Few New Baby Gift Ideas For Your Vacation Neighbors

24 October 2017
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If you have a vacation home that you use regularly, for all your vacations and perhaps a few times throughout the year for special occasions, you have probably met a few of the people that live or vacation nearby. It is possible you have developed some type of social community with them. You may share some special life events together over the years. If you have created a relationship that is friendly, and would like to get a gift for a new baby, here are a few ideas.

Spare Stroller or Baby Swing

Most people receive items like strollers, swings, and playpens from relatives at a baby shower. However, if the new parents own a vacation home, it is nice to have extras of these items. This way, they will not have to worry about packing them up and carting them around every time they decide to go to their get-away place. Ideally, this should be something small and portable so it can fit in a closet if your friends rent out the place when they are not using it.


Many people don't like buying clothes for new babies because they feel it is a common gift and the baby will grow out of them so fast they will not wear them all. However, when a vacation home is in the mix, more clothes will be needed. Babies go through many outfits a day. If the vacation place is at the beach or lake, consider nautical baby boy clothes, for a place in the country, some overalls and a cowboy hat will look cute.


To save your neighbors from having to run out for diapers, wipes, and sunscreen when they get to the vacation home, give them a supply to keep there. Like the bigger equipment, it is much nicer to not have to pack and unpack these items all the time, having a supply ready and waiting will make things much easier.

If you are going to get them something that comes in sizes, you may want to go with a few different ones so that they can still be used when the family shows up at the vacation home. Buying a large amount of newborn diapers could be a waste if they only spend one weekend there while the baby is that small. The same thing with clothing. Get something that should fit during the time they normally take vacation. This way, you will get to see the new baby using your