Trendy Hairstyles For 2018 Wigs

7 February 2018
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Just because you are wearing a wig, it does not mean that you have to forgo current fashion trends for hair. In fact, having a wig is great reason to try on a trendy hairstyle that you are not sure about. Wigs come in all sorts of colors and textures; now that you have decided to go to a wig shop, like The Next Step, and experiment with a new look, how do you know which wig is right for you? The right wig for 2018 is going to need to flatter your face shape and skin color, but it should also reflect a fresh, current look for 2018. 

Fresh Hair Trends For 2018

To figure out what type of wigs to try on, first you need to learn about hair trends. A quick look on social media platforms where hashtags are searchable will turn up plenty of ideas. On websites where you can "pin" images to a board, you can save pictures of trendy hairstyles and be able to compare them all at once. If analog is more your style than digital, grab some magazines from the bookstore or supermarket and start a folder of hair styles that you like.

So What Hairstyles Are Trending For 2018?


Bangs are lovely because they can disguise a multitude of sins on your forehead, like sun damage and worry lines. Bangs are also great for wigs because they naturally disguise the wig line on your forehead, so your wig will look more like it could be your natural hair. Bangs for 2018 come in two different varieties—blunt and curtain. Blunt bangs are slightly longer on the sides and are cut in a straight line. The bang line should land just above your eyebrows when your wig is on. Curtain bangs are softer and parted in the middle. They can help soften your features if you have a larger nose or square face.

For Long Hair

Long layers can help take the weight off of lower-back sweeping 70's hair. Having hair this long can take years to grow out. Even celebrities usually achieve this look through the help of an expensive weave. If you have always wanted to achieve great lengths, a wig is great short cut that avoids the pitfall of split ends.

For Medium-Length Hair

Blunt bobs are back and go with those blunt bangs. Layered "lobs" (long bobs) and shags are still on trend as well.

Finding a wig can be extremely fun! Pick out your favorite 2018 trends and try on wigs until you find the one that is right for you!