Six Things You Don't Want To Do When You Buy Baby Pajamas

13 April 2018
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Selecting the right pajamas, such as from Piper Jade Kids, for your baby is important because the right pajamas can facilitate restful sleep for both your baby and you as well. Unfortunately, parents often make some pajama purchasing mistakes that can detract from the safety and comfort of baby pajamas.

The following are six things that you should avoid doing when you're purchasing pajamas for your baby:

Buying PJs with a tag indicating flame retardant treatment

Some baby pajamas are made from materials that have undergone potentially unhealthy treatments so they can offer flame retardant properties.

It's best to avoid any baby pajamas labeled as having had flame retardant treatments because these pajamas may be tarnished by chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer.  

Purchasing PJs that are made from synthetic materials

Check out the materials from which baby pajamas are made. Avoid any pajamas that say that they are made from rayon, polyester, or modacrylic. 

It's better to choose pajamas made from natural materials rather than synthetic materials. Natural materials are better for allowing a baby's skin to breath during sleep and keeping a baby comfortable and healthy. 

Choosing low quality options because they're cheaper

Parents know that babies go through a lot of clothing quickly. Babies are growing and they often make messes in clothing that make it necessary to throw clothing away.

Nevertheless, it's best to invest in high quality pajamas to achieve better comfort when you put your baby to bed at night. You know how exhausting being a parent can be and how important it is to achieve sleep as quickly as possible at bedtime. Therefore, you should buy high quality pajamas that are designed for comfort. 

Failing to consider warmth

Pajamas need to keep your baby warm throughout the night. If your home is air conditioned, you shouldn't underestimate the effect air conditioning will have on making your baby cold during sleep.

Choose warm pajamas and use them throughout the year to make sure that your baby doesn't wake up or become sick because of being too cold at night. 

Selecting highly commercialized pajama graphics

It's a good idea to keep things simple with baby pajama designs. A lot of pajamas are designed to fit into consumer culture by showcasing various cartoon and film characters.

Simple baby pajama designs may delay your child's indoctrination into consumer culture and could also make pajamas less distracting when your baby is falling asleep.

Failing to factor in your previous baby's reactions to pajamas

If you notice that your baby is having trouble falling asleep all of a sudden, it could be because he or she is not comfortable in a new pair of pajamas. Pay attention to how your baby reacts to sleeping in pajamas made from certain fabrics and designs to determine what the best pajama option is for your child.