How To Find Your Unique Style

12 August 2019
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Expressing yourself through your outward appearance can help you feel more comfortable. When your style matches your personality, it can allow you to feel more at ease in your own skin. Finding your style can be challenging if you've never taken much of an interest in clothing before. Fortunately, developing a personal style doesn't need to be difficult or expensive. Here are four things you can try to find your own unique style:

1. Browse outfits for ideas.

When you're new to the world of fashion, you may find it easier to adopt preexisting styles. Look at magazines for ideas. This can give you a good idea of what's trending now. You can find more specific styles online when you search for your interests. If you particularly appreciate a certain celebrity's style, you may want to find out who their stylist is and follow that stylist's work for more tips.

2. Take inspiration from your environment.

Inspiration doesn't need to come from the pages of magazines alone. The world is full of inspiration. Take note of the colors and textures all around you. The colors of leaves in the fall may inspire your autumn wardrobe, for instance. Be open to finding fashion inspiration everywhere.

3. Borrow things from the past.

Fashion trends change all the time. If you don't like the clothing that's popular in stores right now, you may have better luck in a vintage clothing store. Some people find that clothes from a bygone era suit their body type and tastes better. There's something to suit everyone in a vintage clothing store. Dresses from the '50s are great for rockabilly aesthetics. People who prefer casual clothes may prefer vintage t-shirts. There are even vintage band tees available for music lovers.

4. Allow your style to evolve.

Your style may evolve over time, just like your personality. Once you find a personal style that you love, try not to hold onto it too tightly. Allow yourself room to change and grow as a person. You may not always like the same things you like today. Keep an open mind, and feel free to add new elements to your wardrobe as you find them. This can keep your fashion sense fresh over time.

Ultimately, your fashion choices are personal. You should remember that there are no right or wrong answers, and there are no rules set in stone. Allow this guide to help you cultivate your own personal sense of style, so you can be happy in the clothes you're wearing.