Are You Going All Out For Your Wife's Christmas Present This Year?

10 October 2019
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In the past, has most of your Christmas budget gone to buying presents for your children? Maybe the past Christmases occurred during lean years when you and your wife decided that you'd get each other very small gifts. Of course, it was probably a lot of fun watching your children open their gifts on Christmas morning. However, maybe you also felt sad that you hadn't been able to buy the gift you really wanted to give her. 

Is this year different because you have gotten a promotion at work that came with a nice raise? Maybe you did an excellent job on sales and you have been assured of a hefty Christmas bonus. No matter the scenario, do you already know what you want to buy your wife? From selecting a designer leather handbag to adding a surprise inside the bag, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Designer Leather Handbag

As you and your wife stroll the mall and look in display windows, is your wife often drawn to the gorgeous designer leather handbags that are so popular today? When you looked at the price tag in the past, maybe you couldn't believe your eyes. After all, how can something so small cost so much money, right?

Consider the fact that the bag is made out of the softest, finest leather and that it has been constructed with great attention to detail. In fact, designer leather handbags are so excellent that, if you do decide to buy one for your wife, she will more than likely carry it for the rest of her life.

The hardest part for you will be in selecting the design and the color of the leather handbag. Think of whether your wife would prefer a basic color like brown, tan or black or whether she'd love a dramatic color. The salesperson where you purchase the leather bag will be happy to show you the different styles, like Hermes Birkin bags, and will help you to make your final decision.

Add To Your Wife's Christmas Surprise

Of course, the designer leather bag will be an amazing gift on its own. The look on your wife's face when she opens it will tell you that she adores the leather designer bag. However, if you want to add to the surprise, think of tucking something special into the bag. For example, a diamond tennis bracelet, cruise tickets, or a day at a beauty spa would definitely be a wonderful addition to the leather bag. 

And, of course, don't forget to give her a personal handwritten Christmas note that expresses your love and gratitude. She'll probably keep the card for the rest of her life, too.