Have Fun With Your Christmas Gift Giving This Year.

10 October 2019
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In the past, has your Christmas gift giving been more of a chore than a joy? Maybe the reason for that is that you have always done your shopping at the last minute. This year, put some fun in your Christmas shopping by planning ahead. From selecting custom screen print T-shirts to buying additional gifts to go with the T-shirts, here are some ideas that might make you Christmas shopping for this year more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Order Custom Screen PrintT-Shirts - Think of how enjoyable it will be for you to match a T-shirt design to the person who will be receiving it. You don't even need to be a gifted artist to come up with your own design. The place where you order the screen-printed T-shirts will have a large variety of pictures and letter styles from which you can make your choices.

For example, maybe you are wanting a T-shirt for the man in your life. In that case, think of selecting a design that includes the words, Numero Uno Super Hero! on the front of the shirt. Perhaps you are thinking of designs for some of your girl friends or female family members who love to shop. A T-shirt with a fancy lady as the focal point and words like, Does Shopping Count As A Hobby? as the shirt's message might work here. In other words, think of what would bring some laughter to the gift recipient, and go with that design.

​Additional Christmas Gifts - Custom screen printed T-shirts are so affordable that they'll be the perfect gift if you are on a tight budget. However, you might want to make your gift more important by adding to it. For example, a brand new pair of jeans to accompany the T-shirt is one idea of an additional gift. Another idea would be to buy a hand-tooled leather belt that the recipient can wear with the jeans and the T-shirt.

Preparing a gift basket will be one way to make your T-shirt gift more significant. For example, besides the shirt, you could include things like movie tickets, gift cards to the recipient's favorite store, candies and even a can of the gift recipient's favorite soda. If the custom T-shirts will be going to some of the children on your list, add a recent DVD and small toys. For that matter, DVDs and toys might be fun gifts for the adults, too.