Features To Focus On When Choosing A Swaddling Blanket

5 October 2022
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Many parents of young babies find swaddling blankets to be a must-have item. Swaddling a baby can help them feel more comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. It can help with colic and also helps prevent SIDS when your baby sleeps in swaddling. Since swaddling has become so common, there are tons of swaddling blankets on the market. How do you choose one? Focus on these features as you consider your options.

Soft Material

Your baby's skin is likely more sensitive than your own. As such, it is important that any material that will be against your baby's skin for an extended time is very soft. Look at various swaddling blankets in person, and touch them all. You want one that is as soft as possible. This way, you won't feel the need to always keep something between the blanket and your child's skin. You are less likely to notice redness, irritation, and bumps where the swaddle touches your baby.

Larger Size

Initially, you might look at a larger swaddling blanket and think that it's too large for your baby. But actually, a larger swaddling blanket is often easier to work with. You will have more extra material to tuck into the swaddle when you wrap your baby. You also won't have to buy a new swaddling blanket as your baby grows larger. If you are worried a large swaddling blanket will be too cumbersome with a newborn, then look for a package that includes two sizes of swaddling blankets. You can use the smaller of the two when your baby is young and move up to the larger one when necessary.

Simple Border

Some swaddling blankets have a thin border sewn into the material. Others have no border, and still others have a thick border. Each type has its place, but in most cases, you'll want to choose a swaddling blanket with a thin border. This way, there is some material in place to keep the swaddling blanket from fraying with regular use. However, there is not so much material that you have to worry about it rubbing on your baby or interfering with your ability to wrap the swaddle around your baby.

Swaddling blankets come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. As you browse the many options, keep the features above in mind as key areas of focus. Since swaddling blankets are affordable, you can often buy several and switch between them as needed.

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