4 Things You Need To Know Before You Go To Your First Yoga Class

13 March 2015
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A new class of any type can be cause for hesitation if you don't know what to expect. Going to yoga class for the first time can be especially intimidating.  However, if you know what to expect before you head out to your very first yoga class it will be easier for you to relax, without any anxiety, and get the most out of your class. Here are a few things that you should know before you head on into your very first yoga class.

You Should Come Prepared 

Although yoga is very calm and relaxing for the mind, it is a physical workout. That means that you need to come prepared like you would any other workout. Preparedness for yoga class means not only bringing along your yoga mat and yoga props, but a full water bottle and a towel, as well. Don't sweat it if you don't have a mat or props for your first class. Often times yoga classes will have community mats and props that you can use until you get your own, although you may have to pay a small fee. 

Disruptions Are Frowned Upon 

Yoga is all about centering the mind and body, and its hard to do that if you are faced with distractions. Due to this, yoga studios tend to be a bit more quiet than other exercise classes. First off, you need to ensure that you turn your cell phone all the way off before you enter the studio. If you don't want to turn your cell phone off, ensure that it is on silent and not vibrate. Vibrations from a cell phone in a bag can be just as distracting as a ringing phone.

Shoes should not be worn in a yoga studio, not only can they damage the floor, but they tend to make a lot of noise. Take your shoes off before you enter. If you want to chat with your friend, do it outside in the hall before or after class instead of engaging in loud conversations within the studio.

Distractions can come in the form of smells, as well. As tempting as it may be to spritz yourself with your new perfume before class, don't. Some people are more sensitive to smells than other, and a strong perfume can be distracting. 

Your Clothing Matters 

Although you might throw on any old clothes to hop on the elliptical at the gym, that won't fly when you are doing yoga. Yoga apparel for women, and for men, should be form fitting for a number of reasons. First of all, having form fitting yoga clothes means that the instructor can better inspect your form, which gives them the opportunity to correct any incorrect posing you might be doing. Yoga apparel for women and men that aren't form fitting also tend to flap around and get in the way. This can not only obstruct your vision, but can be a recipe for accidents. You are much more likely to trip over loose, flowing pants when you are getting ready to pose than you are form fitting clothing. 

You Can Go At Your Own Pace

It's important to remember that no one expects you to be able to do every pose perfectly your first class. Inform your instructor that it's your first time, and they will most likely tell you to do the best you can and offer tips and advice. If the class starts a pose that you don't feel comfortable or capable of doing, don't sweat it! It's perfectly fine to hold a basic pose you are capable of doing, like the mountain, until the class has moved onto a new pose that you do feel comfortable doing.

Knowing what to expect, in any situation, can help ease your anxiety and help you get the most out of your experience. Keep these things in mind when you head out to your first yoga class so that you can relax, center, and be filled with peace of mind!