5 Styles Of Men's Graphic Tees: Choosing Your Perfect Gift

2 March 2017
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Are you planning to give the man in your life a graphic T-shirt as a gift? If so, there are a lot of options to choose from, other than color and size. If your guy has a wacky sense of humor, you might want to choose a graphic T-shirt with a funny saying or image. If your recipient is passionate about a particular cause, you might want to have a custom graphic T-shirt created with a statement that reflects that passion. Perhaps he's an avid sports fan; if so, why not choose a graphic tee with a sports team logo? Celebrity T-shirts and video game graphic tees are other options. The following may offer you some inspiration for your gift buying:

1. Humorous Tees

If your guy appreciates a good laugh and looks at life from a humorous perspective, a graphic tee with a funny expression should be a hit with him. Humorous men's T-shirts are quite popular, and you'll find countless choices, either at your local men's shop or online. You might choose a T-shirt with no wording on it, only a comical image. It could be a monster or an image depicting a laughable scene. Perhaps your guy would prefer a simple design and solid color background with no image, only a humorous saying. Either way, choose something that reflects his personality.

2. Statement Tees

Is your man passionate about a cause? Maybe he's a volunteer for a non-profit organization. Why not create a custom tee with the organization's name imprinted on it? Perhaps he campaigns for world hunger or for a political cause. Maybe he is an avid advocate for animal rights. If the man in your life supports a cause, help him make a statement. Here's another idea: You might also help him support his business if he's self employed by advertising with a graphic tee. Have his company logo or business name printed on a high-quality t-shirt.

3. Sports-Themed Tees

Like many men, your guy most likely is a devoted sports enthusiast. Does he have a favorite baseball, football, or hockey team? A gift of an official licensed team T-shirt is sure to be appreciated. Whether he's into several sports or supports one local team, you can custom-create a shirt designed with him in mind. Many online retailers have templates in which you can design your own sports-related T-shirts. These shirts typically have the graphic design depicting a particular sport, and all you have to do is add the team name or special wording of your choice.

4. Celebrity Tees

Celebrity tee shirts range from rock band graphics to TV and movie themes. Choose a favorite entertainer, TV show, or movie, and look for a tee reflecting his style. Whether his style is modern or retro, there's a graphic tee made just for him. One tip: If you're considering a retro rock band graphic T-shirt, look for colorful tie-dyed graphics. Tie-dye tees were and still are very popular among fans of psychedelic rock bands from the 60s.  

5. Video Game Inspired Tees

Does your guy play video games? If so, why not gift him with a gamer tee? You'll find graphic men's T-shirts displaying popular video game characters and scenes. Whether his favorite video game genre is action, adventure, simulation, sports, or role playing, there's bound to be a graphic tee depicting his most-played genre.

If you are still stuck for ideas, remember there are new arrivals at your local men's shop regularly. If you can't find what you want, have it custom-created by a specialty shop. Above all, a graphic tee should reflect his personality, style, and interests.