Protecting Your Clothes While At The Laundromat

13 March 2017
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Even if you have your own laundry room, a laundromat can be convenient at times. The machines at a laundromat are larger, faster, and tend to be more efficient -- especially for heavier items of clothing and household items. But there are additional concerns when using a laundromat, such as protecting your clothes. 

Go During the Off Hours

If you don't want to feel rushed -- and accidentally make mistakes -- you want to go during the off hours. These are generally working hours and late at night on weekdays. The weekends are when the laundromat will be the most hectic. 

Prep Your Clothes Before You Get There

Sort your clothes by type and color before you get to the laundromat. If you try to sort them while you're there, you'll not only waste time but could also lose items and get them mixed up. Remember to read the tags as well, as different items of clothing may require different types of wash. When in doubt, wash items in cold water.

Don't Forget to Bring a Cover

You want to protect your freshly washed clothing from getting dirty or wet. Make sure that you get a cover, such as a small tarp, to cover your laundry baskets when moving from your laundromat to the car. 

Check the Machines Before You Use Them

There can be things left in machines that could potentially damage your clothes, such as key rings or other personal items. The machines themselves may also be damaged or have an odor to them; you should always check them out and wipe them down before using them. 

Never Leave Your Laundry Unattended

Even if you're the only one in the laundromat, you should avoid leaving your laundry unattended. You never know when someone could come in and stop the machine -- especially if the machines are all currently occupied.

Err on the Side of Caution

Most clothing should be washed in cold water rather than hot water -- though warm water is a happy medium. When it comes to commercial machines, heat may go up significantly more than the machines you're used to. Dryers, for instance, are usually best run on a moderate temperature rather than a very hot one. A very hot temperature will dry faster but will damage your clothes over time.

A laundromat often has drop off services as well. Not only is this faster for you, but it makes sure that your more delicate items of clothing are taken care of by professionals. In general, however, just take your time with your laundry and make sure to be extra careful. For more information, contact companies like Indian Village Laundromat.