Six Tips To Stick To Your Fitness Routine While Away On Vacation

27 July 2017
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Don't let a well-deserved throw you off track when it comes to your healthy living and fitness goals. Plan to be active during your vacation, and prepare to work-out while you are away.

Six tips to help you stick to your fitness routine during your vacation are:

  1. Bring your athletic apparel. Make sure you bring your workout apparel along on vacation. Better yet, treat yourself to some new activewear to bring on your trip that will inspire you to work out, and that is suited to the climate you are visiting- i.e. breathable fabrics in tropical destinations such as nux active womens clothing.
  2. Plan an active excursion during your time away. Spring for something amazing that is also a rigorous workout. For instance, plan a trip rafting, scuba-diving, or tubing during a trip to the beach. This will be something to look forward to while also getting your fitness in for the day.
  3. Plan to eat healthy every day, with a splurge or two at night. Make the most of the local fare, fresh produce, and local harvests in the places that you visit. Enjoy fresh, wholesome foods throughout the day and allow yourself to splurge with wine or dessert in the evening.
  4. Strap-on a pedometer. There is something about wearing a pedometer that makes you want to move more; use one on your vacation to figure exactly how many miles you are walking each day. Plan on walking-tours or hikes that offer great views and a good workout.
  5. Take advantage of your hotel's amenities. Make sure to research to find hotels with on-site facilities, such as a gym, spa, or yoga studio. Ask about hours, classes, and other services that might be available. Book a massage, on-site, to relax your sore muscles after you work out.
  6. Book a room in a walk-able neighborhood. Stay in a hotel or inn that is in a community where you can get out and walk. Downtown district accommodations might be a bit more than the hotels on the highway, but this will give you a chance to walk around, see the sights on your own, and get in some exercise during your stay.

Use these tips to stay on track and stick to your fitness routine while you are away on vacation. Talk with hotel staff about on-site fitness facilities, and treat yourself to a new active wear workout ensemble! With some preparation, you can stay in shape while still enjoying your time away.